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Imran Khan’s address in the General Assembly

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United Nation General Assembly

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that another war between Pakistan and India should be stopped. The Prime Minister said in his address that Mr. President! Congratulations to you on assuming the presidency of the 76th session of the United Nations. The world is facing a three-pronged challenge, such as the code, the economic crisis and climate change. Upcoming catastrophes are divisive, the common threats facing are not only exposing the nuances of the international system but also emphasizing the need for unity of humanity, Pakistan has been able to control the code. Pakistan’s share in greenhouse gas emissions is negligible, yet we are one of the ten countries most affected. He said that we are cultivating forests in Pakistan, conserving natural habitats, shifting to renewable energy, eliminating pollution from cities, preparing ourselves to face the effects of climate change. To cope with the economic downturn and climate emergency, a comprehensive plan is needed, which includes the equal availability of the number one proximity and should be applied to everyone as soon as possible. Developing countries must receive adequate financing. The gap between rich and poor countries is widening at an alarming rate due to the plunder of the corrupt ruling elites of developing countries. The Prime Minister said that Fact Eye has calculated that 7,000 billion worth of stolen assets are hidden in safe financial havens. This systematic theft and illegal transfer of assets has had far-reaching negative effects on developing countries. It gets thinner, poverty levels rise faster, money laundering puts pressure on the currencies of these countries and devalues them, with billions of dollars being taken out of developing countries every year. As a result, there will be a flood of people migrating to rich countries in search of livelihood. What the East India Company did is corrupt elites with developing countries. They are looting wealth and transferring it to the capitals of rich countries. ۔ Imran Khan said that return of stolen assets from developed countries is impossible for poor nations, there is no attraction for rich countries and they are not compelled to return these illegally earned wealth even though it is common people of developing countries. The future will come when rich countries will have to build walls to stop migrants from these poor countries for livelihood, the General Assembly will have to take concrete steps, a comprehensive legal framework will be formed which To stop the illegal flight of wealth and to return this wealth. He said that Islamophobia is a terrible phenomenon that needs to be tackled together. After 9/11, terrorism was linked to Islam by some quarters, which led to the rise of horrific and violent nationalist tendencies of the right wing. I hope the Secretary-General’s report will cover these anti-Islamic tendencies and the new threat of terrorism posed by right-wing extremists. I urge the Secretary-General to start a global dialogue to address Islamophobia, Islamophobia. The most horrible form of is claw thick in India. The Prime Minister said that the Hindutva ideology of the fascist RSS and the BJP government has created a wave of fear and violence against 200 million Muslims. Yes, efforts are being made to change Occupied Kashmir from a Muslim majority area to a Muslim minority area. India’s actions violate Security Council resolutions, forcing the major powers to ignore the violations of friendly countries in regional political affairs and business interests. Imran Khan said that the latest example of Indian barbarism is the forcible snatching of the body of the great Kashmir leader Syed Ali Shah Gilani from his family. Funeral prayers and burial were not allowed according to his wishes and Islamic traditions. According to Islamic traditions, the remains of Syed Ali Shah Gilani should be buried in the graveyard of martyrs. India has a responsibility to create a conducive environment for meaningful and fruitful dialogue with Pakistan. Unilateral and illegal steps taken from 5 August 2019 Cancel the oppression of Kashmiris and change the proportion of the population. He said that another possible war between India and Pakistan must be stopped, it is India’s responsibility to create a conducive environment for dialogue with Pakistan, India’s military readiness, development of modern nuclear weapons and instability. Acquiring traditional skills can make the differences between the two countries meaningless. The Prime Minister said that some politicians in the US and Europe have been blaming Pakistan for the current situation in Afghanistan, ie the changes taking place there. From this platform, I want everyone to know which country has the most besides Afghanistan. The loss is Pakistan when we joined the US war on terror after 9/11, 80,000 Pakistanis were killed and our economy lost 150 150 billion, 3.5 million people were displaced in Pakistan and Why did this happen? We were with the American alliance in the war against Afghanistan where Pakistan was being attacked from Afghan soil. “It’s at least a word of praise for us, but instead of appreciating it, imagine how we feel when we are blamed for what happened in Afghanistan,” he said. It was clear to those who understand Afghanistan that is aware of the history of Afghanistan that there will be no military solution to the problem of Afghanistan. I went to the United States and I talked to think tanks. I met with Reid and tried to convince him that there was no military solution to the problem and that a political solution was the way forward. Imran Khan said no one understood this at the time and unfortunately the US made a mistake in finding a military solution. If the world today wants to know why the Taliban are back in power, it will need to do a detailed analysis. Why did the Afghan army, equipped with a population of 300,000, run away and remember that the Afghan nation is one of the bravest nations in the world and it did not compete at a moment when it will be analyzed in detail? It will happen why the Taliban have returned to power and it is not because of Pakistan. He said Mr. President! At this time, the whole international community should think about what is the way forward. We have a long way to go. By next year, 90 percent of Afghanistan’s population will be below the poverty line. We are facing a huge humanitarian crisis ahead, the serious effects of which will be felt not only for Afghanistan’s neighbors but everywhere if unstable and crisis-ridden Afghanistan once again becomes a safe haven for international terrorists. Imran Khan said the first thing is why the United States came to Afghanistan? So the only way forward is for us to strengthen the current government for the sake of the Afghan people, what the Taliban promised, they will respect human rights, they will form a coalition government, they will turn their land into terrorists. Will not be allowed to use and they have announced an apology. The Prime Minister said that if the international community now encourages them and talks to them, it will be a success for all, because these were the four things that happened when the US was negotiating with the Taliban in Doha and talking. If the world encourages them to move in that direction, the US Alliance’s 20-year efforts in Afghanistan will not be in vain, as Afghanistan’s territory will not be used for international terrorism. I would like to conclude that this is a critical time for Afghanistan, you cannot waste time, there is a need for assistance, mobilize the international community for this purpose.

Written By : Hanif Dawar


Hanif Dawar, Student of International relations in National defence University Islamabad, working as volunteer with Pakistan Tahreek E Insaf as South KP Twitter lead.

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حنیف داوڑ

Hanif Dawar, Student of International relations in National defence University Islamabad, working as volunteer with Pakistan Tahreek E Insaf as South KP Twitter lead.

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حنیف داوڑ

Hanif Dawar, Student of International relations in National defence University Islamabad, working as volunteer with Pakistan Tahreek E Insaf as South KP Twitter lead.