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Single National Curriculum


Single National Curriculum

A uniform public educational program, time and country are required. Salman  and Tuseef remained in a similar line
There was no slave left, no slave left
Pakistan has been experiencing different divisions since freedom, first partisan divisions, then, at that point, divisions of identities, then, at that point, rich.
Appropriation of poor people. These distinctions are looked by a man from making him fully aware of collaborating with society. Since it
Like, they are put in the character of an individual, so these distinctions stay set up till death
Live But when we take a gander at the foundation, everything being equal, the absence of uniform training is by all accounts an unmistakable explanation.
In the event that we To dispose of these divisions, the primary country should be given equivalent schooling so the hearts of people in the future will be taught. The spot developed regard for other people, understanding and the boldness to cooperate for public turn of events.
Yet, sadly, we have an extreme absence of instructive correspondence. Having a place with a similar religion of a similar country
What’s more, the people who experienced childhood in a similar society face three distinct kinds of training frameworks. At the point when two in an area
One of the youngsters in the family will get a cutting edge instruction and the other will be restricted to particular training
On the off chance that we remain mahram from instruction, each office of the general public will be restricted to a couple of individuals.
The single public educational program is one of the greatest and most significant stages towards equity that we have consumed a large chunk of the day prior.
۔ There is some theory about a uniform public educational plan. For instance, the course ought to be Islamic in style as it were.
Is being coordinated in which there is no name sign of science, English isn’t given any significance whatsoever, present day sciences are incorporated.
Not done, and so forth
Yet, I have actually taken a gander at the uniform public course readings given by the public authority to the schools and
All such hypotheses have refuted to me. A portion of the books accessible under the Single National Curriculum
I might want to specify the components.
1 The educational program has been planned with incredible steadiness.
2 books are exceptionally lovely remembering the kids’ decision. Such books used to be just for non-public school educational programs
I used to see it myself, yet presently I have at last removed government younger students from highly contrasting books.
Considering which will foster kids’ advantage in perusing.
On the off chance that we check out the 5th grade books, Urdu
3 Urdu and English subjects have been kept in wonderful equilibrium for example
Sociologies and Islamic Studies These three subjects are in Urdu while English, Mathematics and Science are in English. One such
Kids considering in EM won’t be troubled as English is seldom utilized in arithmetic and science is educated in Urdu.
From educating in English to youngsters in significant classes to concentrate on Physics Chemistry Biology, Computer, and so on
There will be no difficulty.
Another benefit is that English medium understudies can likewise meet their English necessities. Furthermore, madrassas
Youngsters who are new to everything simultaneously will appreciate perusing it without feeling troublesome.
4. One of the significant issues that should have been considered as the issue of madrassa youngsters who were clever, skilled and remembered. Not the slightest bit are they sub-par compared to different kids, they were denied of current logical information and in view of which they Also, other cutthroat tests were truly challenging and these FPSC, PSC work tests,
There was an incredible shamefulness with it however presently the time has come to eliminate this hardship through a solitary public educational program.
A genuine exertion has been made.
The lessons of Islam are additionally extremely clear
5. In a similar public educational program where the accentuation has been laid on showing present day sciences, it has been given to youngsters
Strict figures are given in English, English and sociologies positively. Equitable Caliphs, Scholars
To keep Islam alive
ِ The significance and history of Islam
He added illustrations to the hearts and psyches of kids from youth
Each work has been made.
6. Endeavors to clarify different hadiths, requests and recitations of the Qur’an in Islam with interpretation just as morals
The instructing is additionally amazing.
7. In the sociologies, significant characters related with the philosophy of Pakistan, the significance of countries living in Pakistan, residents
Rights, significant various data and geology are all around portrayed.
8. Urdu and English composition and practice improvement practices are likewise important for the Single National Curriculum.
9. Government schools have been furnished with similar public reading material totally liberated from cost and yet non-public schools
The cost of a solitary course book went from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.
Not less So presently the kids are in tuition based schools
The expense of the course is unmistakably exceptionally high and commonly
Just the expenses will be in the pockets of the showing guardians and not the course readings.
It is solely after taking a gander at the books of the uniform public educational program that one understands that this educational program has a place with a solitary country, group, or territory.
It has not been organized, yet it has been orchestrated with incredible work to bring the entire country under one banner.
This progression ought to be invited. There is presently a requirement for a uniform public educational program in each instructive establishment.
May Allah award improvement and success to our dear nation Pakistan. So be it.
Written By Taimur Khan
Taimur Khan

ضروری نوٹ

الف نگری کی انتظامیہ اور ادارتی پالیسی کا اس مصنف کے خیالات سے متفق ہونا ضروری نہیں ہے۔ اگر آپ چاہتے ہیں کہ آپ کا نقطہ نظر پاکستان اور دنیا بھر میں پھیلے کروڑوں قارئین تک پہنچے تو قلم اٹھائیے اور 500 سے 700 الفاظ پر مشتمل تحریر اپنی تصویر، مکمل نام، فون نمبر، سوشل میڈیا آئی ڈیز اور اپنے مختصر مگر جامع تعار ف کے ساتھ  ہمیں ای میل کریں۔ آپ اپنے بلاگ کے ساتھ تصاویر اور ویڈیو لنک بھی بھیج سکتے ہیں۔

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